White-Blair House


Featured in the Majestic Middle Tennessee Fall Tour 1998!

The White-Blair house was built by Dr. George White.  The year the house was built has not been determined, but since Dr. White died in 1859, we know it was prior to then.  Two of the most notable features of this house are the Italianate keystone arches on the porches and the two story bay window.  The magnolia trees in the front are among the oldest in Spring Hill.  Mrs. Georgie Beck lived in the house for over fifty years.  Her parents, Jim and Mattie Langley, purchased the house in 1942.  In 1951, Mrs. Beck was married in the living room, decorated with magnolia blossoms from the trees.  Her parents died in 1955 & 1957.  Later, with just herself and her husband, Mrs. Beck made three apartments out of the house and lived in one of them while renting out the others.  In 1996 Ron Shuff purchased the building from Mrs. Beck to restore it.  The house has since been restored and is home to several businesses now including Merry Blu Boutique and Southern Blues Denim Co.

Memories of Louise P. Chambers
In 1925 Susan Blair White along with her brothers William and Fred lived in the White-Blair House – also her nephew, John White. Later a sister, Georgie Blair, joined the family. Most of these were Senior Citizens when I knew them. They lived here until they died. The Hyde Harper Family were occupants of this house one time. The James Langley Family moved here in 1942. Mrs. Georgie Langley Beck was a member of this household. The Langley Family bought the house from Mrs. Myra McKissack. We have heard Mrs. Sara McKissack (possibly family connected) sold the house to Mrs. Myra McKissack.

Memories of Leonora McKissack
I was born and raised in the William McKissack house across the street from the Alonzo McKissack home. My great, great grandfather built the W. McKissack home. My grandfather Jack McKissack was a cousin to Alonzo McKissack. As a small girl growing up I was closely associated with the Blair’s who lived at the Alonzo McKissack house. I didn’t have a living grandmother so I thought of Susie Blair White as my grandmother. I called her Susie White and I called her brothers Uncle Fred and Uncle Will. Uncle Fred had a model T Ford that I thought was “tops”. I enjoyed the many rides I had in it. Also as I grew older I would hear rumors that a ghost would appear on the landing of the front stairs every now and then. My mother, Myra McKissack bought the house from Mrs. Sara McKissack (Alonzo’s second wife) then my mother sold it to the James Langley Family. I treasure all the happy days connected with this house as I grew up. I am so happy and pleased that the house has been restored.

Memories of Mrs. Georgie Beck
The J.W. Langley family moved in the White-Blair in the late 1930’s. My father bought the house from Mrs. Myra McKissack in 1942. Georgia Blair, Susie Blair White, Fred Blair, Will Blair and their nephew John White were living upstairs and continued to live there for some years. I married in 1951. My husband, Jack Beck and I lived in the house until the small house was built next door. After our parents died I bought my sister’s share of the property. My husband died in 1961 and I sold the small house and lived in the White-Blair House. For many years I knew the house needed to be restored. Since I wanted the house saved, I had to sell it. Mr. Ron Shuff, Sr. decided he would like to save the house. He bought the house July 1st, 1996.

Memories of Ann B. Wright
My great aunt Sarah Bunch McKissack owned the house at one time. She inherited the place from her husband Alonzo McKissack. Sarah and Alonzo lived there until his death.